Collaborating Communications & Technology Management

Audio & Video Conferencing


Collaboration through audio & video conferencing is essential in today’s global business environment

DriveTM understands the value of instant and easy face-to-face communication with people down the street or around the world.  Audio & Video conferencing expands your reach, overcoming the barriers of time and distance to create an integrated working environment across multiple locations.


With advancements in live video networking, the opportunities for collaboration continue to grow.  Instant access to information and human interaction through video virtualizes the norm.  Many telecommuters rely on video conferencing to connect them to the office when they’re working from home or on the road.  Companies that provide reliable and streamlined video communication remove barriers and are able to unlock the potential of their teams.


DriveTM designs, builds and supports audio and video conferencing plans that can scale strategically with your company as it grows.  The benefits include cost savings and improved productivity across your organization.

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