Collaborating Communications & Technology Management

Expense Auditing

Take Back Control of Your Company’s Communications Costs

“Our clients average 28% in cost reductions in their IT, Telecommunication  and Operational expenses in the first 45-60 days of engagement, without any decrease in quality of services or change of vendors.”




DriveTM provides a national footprint for all billing audits.  We also, ‘triangulate’ the invoices with the contract and the appropriate tariffs to ensure you are being invoiced correctly.


For every telecommunications line-item expense we address, we have subject matter experts and professional negotiators, who have worked for the very companies we negotiate against.  This insider’s perspective allows us to know all of the nuances of the trade, margins, commissions, and processes which get the best results quickly.


We also have access to proprietary software and an ever growing, real-time database of market pricing, best practices and contract terms.  This real-time data is used to continually reduce your company’s costs.  This database provides an indisputable foundation for rapid and effective negotiations with your vendors. Lastly, we have deep technical subject matter expertise.  This allows us to provide true advisory services as required on design, latest trends, technology and best practices, and assures our clients that they are always able to take advantage of the best-of-breed that the market has to offer.


Contact UsFor a no hassle expense analysis

Unlike many consulting firms whose fee structure rewards billing more hours regardless of the result, our fees are performance based and 100% results driven.  We are motivated to save you money without sacrificing quality, and if you do not save money then there is NO charge to you for our analysis – period!


Not only are the cost reductions we procure for our clients significant, but they are also non disruptive to your day to day activities.  All we need are a few invoices to start.  We will benchmark and determine if your current cost structures and terms are in line with the best the market offers.  We work directly with your vendors, so there is no additional work load put on your already stretched staff.



Areas of your business that we impact:

  • Global Telecommunications
  • Mobile Optimization & Life Cycle
  • Demand & Supply-Side Energy
  • Transportation
  • Payment Processing
  • Sales & Use Taxes
  • 3rd party printing