Collaborating Communications & Technology Management

Mobile Optimization

The combination of our internal subject matter & negotiation expertise, strategic relationships with market pricing data & proprietary optimization technology has proven to reduce mobile costs an average of 25-35%


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Our Cellular/Mobile Benefits:


    Asset Management

  • Automate tracking of wireless devices, contract dates and curb wasteful spending by re-sourcing
  • Invoice Validation

  • Track and recover billing errors
  • Process invoices more efficiently
  • Expense Optimization

  • Rate plan optimization
  • Contract negotiations
  • Help Desk Support

  • Provide single point of contact for all moves, adds, and changes
  • Trouble-shooting resolution and report from all carriers and devices
  • E-Procurement

  • Automated web-based solution for best practices procurement and management
  • Policy Consulting

  • Assist in creating company mobile policies and risk mitigation