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Web Collaboration

Web Collaboration.

You’ve heard the pitch:

Online meetings eliminate geographic barriers, increase engagement, save on travel costs – the list goes on.  But can web conferencing really benefit your small business in a practical, cost effective way?  The answer is a resounding “yes”, and here are just a few ways:


    Shorten the sales cycle

  • Close more deals by scheduling instant demonstrations for qualified prospects and showing them during your virtual meeting.
  • Respond quickly to changing conditions. A competitor just dropped prices?

  • Schedule an immediate planning meeting with your far-flung sales team.
  • Train your customers when they’re ready.

  • Log on and provide training and support on demand instead of making customers wait until you can travel to their location.

Ultimately, how you use online conferencing technology is limited only by your imagination.

  • Marketing meetings – Make product announcements, conduct brainstorming sessions.
  • Sales presentations – Showcase upgrades, release new products.
  • Training and HR – Conduct employee orientation, provide customer training.
  • Collaboration – Collaborate with co-workers, conduct online editing sessions.
  • Financial and investor relations – Host shareholder meetings, provide updates.

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